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My name is Konrad Sitte-Zöllner. Nothing lights a greater fire in me than initiating and staging extraordinary projects. True to my guiding principle: "Different is better than better" and the pursuit of constant development, it makes me incredibly happy to inspire people and help them.

I work efficiently and unbureaucratically, maintain an unbeatable relationship of trust with my clients, who appreciate me as an enthusiastic lateral thinker, and enjoy taking on responsibility. This allows me to make many decisions within a cooperation and in the interest of the client himself. I see myself as a problem solver. With me there is always a "YES". If I don't have a solution, I will find one!
Above all, I do things with conviction that create value! My clients and partners are equally convinced of themselves and their actions.
Freedom plays a very important role for me. Because only in freedom and independence do the greatest things come into being.*Design%20ohne%20Titel*png?alt=media&token=0e1c1308-d9e1-4caf-88ca-cff576f82e64


The intersection of my different activities is what I draw from and create. (A click on the respective logo leads to the respective website with all the information).

As a marketing agency we work out the story behind your company and its people and package it in effective advertising formats. #webdesign #printmedia #socialmedia #video production #ads
The (digital / app) solution for the organist shortage in churches, nursing homes and retirement homes.
Music lessons & workshops
Practical. Individual. Modern.
Music label in the genre of pop, rap, hip hop with a focus on getting talented newcomers heard.
Original songs with a mix of German pop/rap. Authentic and less success-oriented.
IT services and software development.
Solution-oriented and customer-focused without pompous jargon. We speak your language!

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